We can provide formal and informal talks tailor made to
your requirements, Whether you're following the National Curriculum or just wanting to have out of the ordinary experience meeting animals that you would not normally have the chance to meet, we can help.

For educational establishments we normally follow a more formal structure and concentrate on the subjects, that can be found on our Price List page or from our more specialist subjects for colleges or universities like Herpetology, animal welfare and husbandry.

In Primary Schools, we normally focus on unit 3 of the national curriculum 'Animals and Us' however the talks are suitable for all ages and all curriculums, from nursery to University students.

Whether the talk is formal or informal, for a school lecture or a birthday party, we will always educate you about our animals and their natural environments, so you get far more from the experience of just meeting these wonderful creatures.

With such a close encounter you can truly appreciate the animal's colour, texture, detail, behaviour, personality, beauty and much much more.

We hope then, our audiences will develop a greater appreciation of how amazing these animals are and how important they are to the environments they come from.

Hopefully, we'll encourage the preservation of these environments and therefore save some of these species from disappearing from our planet altogether.


Corporate events

Many companies have asked Tropical Inc to provide a themed display, e.g. a Jungle theme to accompany an opening of a building, a charity event or after dinner speeches. In this instance, Tropical Inc generally provide the display which incorporates artifacts and other exciting items that originate from the region of the chosen theme, along with a collection of animals, that the guests can choose to hold if they want to. There is normally no presentation unless specifically requested, however our presenters are on hand to answer any questions presented to them.

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