Meet the Staff

Stephen Rowlands: Director / Presenter

Stephen trained as a Herpetologist, following 3 years of Animal care National diplomas throughout college, from which he obtained:

OCR Level 2 – Foundation in Herpetology (general care & husbandry of all reptiles) – Distinction.

OCR Level 3 – Advanced certificate in Herpetology- Distinction.

As a young boy, Stephen kept snakes and Tarantulas but also grew up with more domestic pets such as dogs, who were all called Ike. Leaving his home in Wales, Stephen started his career as a volunteer at a Birmingham Reptile Sanctuary and worked predominantly with reptiles from Snakes to Alligators. Stephen was in charge of Education and started doing talks for schools on behalf of the Sanctuary. As he got more involved with these talks, his interest in other exotic animals outside the reptile world grew. He was asked to take in an Orange winged Amazon Parrot and from that point, his collection and love of exotics has grown.

Micaela Perry: Education Officer / Presenter

I have always been fascinated by animals. When I was young my favourite TV show was 'The Really Wild Show' and any programmes with David Attenborough.

I always knew I wanted to work with animals but I never thought I would be lucky enough to work somewhere like Tropical Inc.

My favourite subject at school was science so I chose to study triple science for my GCSE's, I left school after gaining my GCSE's and decided to take science further and studied AVCE science and also 'A' level English at college.

I always wanted to go to university and spent weeks looking at different universities and courses trying to find something I wanted to do, I eventually found courses in zoology I would like to study.

I passed my AVCE and 'A' level and was offered a place at the University of Derby to study zoology. I then decided to take year out before starting university so I could earn some money, then at university I found it amazing study in depth animal behavior, vertebrate and invertebrate biology and aquatic biology.

Towards the end of my third year I started to look for jobs in zoology, then one day I saw Tropical Inc on the Alan Titchmarsh show. I looked their website up and found they were based not too far from where I lived. I contacted them and soon joined them as a volunteer, when I qualified as a zoologist I was offered a full time position.

Since joining them I have been all over the country doing shows which I really enjoy, the animals I enjoy taking to shows are Skunks and Meerkats. I have recently taken a baby hand-reared Meerkat home to look after and I have named him Alfie, but my favourite animals are big cats and hopefully I will get the chance to work with them here at Tropical Inc one day.

Kelly Shambly: Office Administrator

I have always been interested in animals from a young age and was lucky enough to have a variety of Pets including Dogs, Rabbits, Hamsters and Tropical Fish, but my favourite animals have to be my Marmoset Monkeys.

While at school, I was not sure what I would like to do when I left but not thinking or expecting to work with animals. I left School having passed 10 GCSE's and went onto work part time at a Body shop, until I found a full time job working as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant/Receptionist.

After 2 years of gaining office experience I was offered a position to work as Secretary / Receptionist here at Tropical Inc which means I can use my skills I was trained for, plus I am now also working and helping with the Animals. My Job at Tropical Inc includes managing all office duties, answering the phone and dealing with the many Email enquiries we have, but also look after some of the animals, cleaning and feeding them. When required I also attend displays and large events. I find my job challenging but highly rewarding and have had experiences that I know I would never have had from any other Job.